Centrally located in Lancaster, PA, right after the merger of Rt 222 and Rt 30, Lancaster Plastic Surgery provides privacy and top quality Plastic Surgery for residents of Reading, PA only a short distance away.

Breast Augmentation

We usually perform breast augmentation in the hospital or in the local surgicenter, usually 4 to 5 times a week to reshape breasts that are small from childhood or after babies. Usually surgery is performed thru the armpit called transaxillary, to avoid a scar on your breast, and under the muscle to make your result more natural. This requires sedation or general anesthesia for approximately an hour or more. Other incisions, through the nipple, i.e. periareolar and under the breast, i.e. inframammary, are also available.

The fees involved for breast augmentation surgery are anesthesia services, prescription drugs, the surgeon's fee, the implant and recovery room. After surgery, time off of work is usually one week and exercise is individually managed. You may shower in 3 days.

Breast Enlargement/Augmentation before & after photos

Breast Augmentation / Transaxillary (armpit) Incision before & after photos

Why Reading Patients Choose Lancaster Plastic Surgery

Lancaster Plastic Surgery provides top quality plastic surgery to patients all over the Central Pennsylvania area.  While there are local plastic surgeons in Reading, PA, many patients decide to make the short drive to Lancaster.  Following you will find the top reasons our patients are choosing to make the drive.


The quick 35 minute drive from Reading to Lancaster provides patients with an extra layer of privacy and confidentiality.

Experience & Style

Dr. Levin has been an innovator in plastic and reconstructive surgery for more than 30 years. He is committed to the artistry of surgery in the human face and form.

Quality & Commitment

Our office is committed to the highest level of patient care, safety, and satisfaction.

Driving Directions from Reading to Lancaster Plastic Surgery

Follow US-222 S to York Rd in Manheim Township. Take the exit toward PA-501/US-222 S/Lititz Pike/Fruitville Pike from US-222 S

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"Dr. Levin, Thanks for your care & helping me transform back into the person I once was (only better)! So glad I found you! Amazingly talented!! Barbara & Sandy, Thank you! You went above and beyond!"

Lancaster plastic surgery

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